Marie-Claire Language Coach

Former singer and language coach for Opera Australia, Marie-Claire instructed the scholars in French diction in July Block, 2017.

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Suzanne Dekyvere
Suzanne DekyverePrincipal - An Air Of Distinction

Image consultant, fashion advisor and personal shopper who worked with the scholars on personal style during March Block, 2017.

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Teresa Desmarchelier
Teresa Desmarchelier Language Coach

A highly experienced language coach, Teresa worked with our scholars throughout 2017 on their Italian pronunciation and a recitative project.

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Judith Field
Judith FieldPublic Speaking

Public speaking professional who worked with the scholars in February and March Blocks, 2017.

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Johannes Fritzsch
Johannes FritzschConductor

Johannes presented a master class on German language repertoire during September Block, 2017.

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Dr. Erin Helyard
Dr. Erin HelyardEarly Music Expert

An early music expert and conductor, Erin coached the scholars on baroque ornamentation in October Block, 2017.

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Greg Holdaway
Greg HoldawayAlexander Technique Specialist

An Alexander Technique expert, Greg worked with the scholars on movement in March Block, 2017.

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David Hobson
David HobsonAustralian Tenor

Australian tenor, David Hobson met with the scholars for an industry talk during March Block, 2017.

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Deborah Humble
Deborah HumbleAustralian Mezzo-Soprano

Celebrated Australian mezzo-soprano, Deborah Humble talked to the scholars on preparing for overseas during October Block, 2017.

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Lindy Hume
Lindy HumeRetiring Artistic Director Opera Queensland

Lindy conducted an intensive character development workshop with the scholars in April Block, 2017.

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Dr Phil Jauncey
Dr Phil JaunceyPerformance Psychologist

An expert in dealing with performance nerves with a background in sports psychology, Phil spoke to the scholars in September Block, 2017.

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Yvonne Kenny AM
Yvonne Kenny AMAustralian Soprano

Celebrated Australian soprano, Yvonne Kenny AM presented a master class for the scholars in July Block, 2017.

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Andrew Keshan
Andrew KeshanHead of Wigs and Makeup, Opera Australia

A professional makeup artist and head of wigs and makeup for Opera Australia, Andrew ran a class on stage makeup during July Block, 2017.

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Jenny Lovell
Jenny LovellActress

Actor from stage, film and television, Jenny explored improvisation with the scholars in February Block, 2017.

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Jennifer Marten-Smith
Jennifer Marten-SmithRepetiteur

Highly regarded Australian repetiteur who coached the scholars in German diction and music preparation during September Block, 2017.

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Daria Masiero
Daria MasieroItalian Soprano

A leading Italian soprano, Daria presented a master class for the scholars during April Block, 2017.

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Emma Matthews
Emma MatthewsAustralian Soprano

Celebrated Australian soprano who worked with the scholars in master class in June Block, 2017.

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Stuart Maunder
Stuart MaunderDirector

Stuart, known for his work as a theatre director, ran a scene staging workshop during October Block, 2017.

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Nicky McCartney
Nicky McCartney Counselor and Coach

A professional counsellor and coach who spoke with the scholars about time management and conflict resolution in 2017.

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Mairi Nicolson
Mairi NicolsonRadio Broadcaster

Radio presenter and interviewer for ABC Classic FM who conducted media training during October Block, 2017.

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Patrick Nolan
Patrick NolanArtistic Director Opera Queensland

Patrick engaged the scholars in an audition stagecraft and character development workshop as part of July Block, 2017.

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Paul Noonan
Paul NoonanLawyer

A lawyer and professional musician, Paul spoke to the scholars about legal issues, including copyright, contracts, public liability and privacy in June Block 2017.

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Slavko Peraic
Slavko PeraicFinance Broker

Slavko chatted to the scholars in September Block in 2017 on financial planning.

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Dr Debbie Phyland
Dr Debbie PhylandSpeech Pathologist

Debbie returned to the Mentor Program in March 2017 to explore vocal health and hygiene with the scholars.

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Graham Pushee
Graham PusheeArtist Manager

Graham spoke with the scholars during July Block in 2017 on working with an agent.

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Steven Richardson
Steven RichardsonPhilanthropy and Grant Writing

Steven worked with the scholars during June Block in 2017 on philanthropy and grant writing.

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Neil Semer
Neil SemerVocal Specialist

Neil joined us for the first time in 2017 to give private vocal coaching sessions to the scholars in Melbourne and Sydney.

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Stuart Skelton
Stuart SkeltonInternationally renowned heldentenor

Australia’s world-renowned tenor Stuart Skelton gave a master class as part of June block, 2017.

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Cecellia Telkes
Cecellia TelkesEtiquette Consultant

Cecellia instructed the scholars on etiquette and protocol during June Block, 2017.

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Lyndon Terracini
Lyndon TerraciniArtistic Director, Opera Australia

Opera Australia’s Lyndon Terracini held an industry lunch with the scholars in July Block, 2017.

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